Unique marine yachts gain ground at Lake Balaton!

The story began in April 2007, when Sándor Fehér first stepped on board of András Gerő’s brig named Magnifique, which had arrived at Lake Balaton not long before.

He was immediately amazed by the ship of type NAUTICAT 36, which had been unknown in Hungary before, but very popular in the seas of the world.

When the teak creaks under your feet, you see the landscape sweeping by, a cool breeze kisses your nape, the sunlight glints on the mast, and your skin is cooled by water spray, you immediately know that you have found your place, you are part of nature. No consumer electronics is a substitute for this experience since this is life.”

This feeling possessed and captivated Sandor on board of Nauticat. He was impressed and amazed by it even after several decades of filming and sailing.

No doubt, it was love at first sight. That fall he lit on the 19-year-old beauty in Southampton, England, which arrived in our country on 6 December 2007 after an adventurous trip. Only Santa Claus, who was extremely busy that day, missed the transport, but not even he had ever seen a more beautiful fairy than her. Since then ALCINA has been sailing on the waves of the Hungarian sea.

In the history of navigation performance and the demand for convenience continuously rival. The ideal solution is Nauticat, where both aspects prevail to a considerable extent.

The founders of Nauticat:

Sándor Fehér

Éva Zempléni

Some information about Nauticat ships:

The builder of Nauticat is Siltala Yachts, Turku, Finland. The word originates from the (English) word nautical. Type 33 has been built since 1966, and by now there have been about 1.200 ships around the world. There are several types between the sizes of 33 and 51 feet so that they meet the needs of Nauticat lovers. They belong to the high quality ships and meet the requirements on every sea and ocean.

What does it mean to be the owner of Nauticat?

Nauticat is a legend regarding motor yachts; for some it is just an expensive whim, whereas a dream for others. However, the owners know it well that Nauticat is not simply a ship. Nauticat is a life philosophy, and those who own one experience the unbelievably magical feeling that is provided by a ship like this.

Some information about Balatonfüred:

The citizens and guests’ lifestyle and behavior of Balatonfüred are basically determined by its historical tradition. Its tourism dates back centuries, and after the sour water of Füred was declared thermal water, i.e. thermal spring water in 1971 it became a health resort. It has been the International city of Grapes and Wine since 1987.

The city is also famous for the regattas of Lake Balaton, most of which take place here, for example the Blue Ribbon Regatta of Balaton, which has over 600 participants each year. The city is home to several European and world championships, most of which is connected to sailing, but other sport events are also organized here. These programs entertain those interested from early spring to late fall. Due to its Mediterranean climate and carbonated springs the city is well-known throughout the world. Its spring water is utilized in treatments in the Hospital for Cardiology; the famous sour water of Füred can be tasted at the Berzsenyi Well of Kossuth Spring, Szekér Ernő Spring and Schneider Well. Many people suffering from cardiac disease regained their health in the Hospital for Cardiology including Rabindranath Tagore, the famous Hindi poet (in 1926), of whom a promenade was named by the lakeshore.

The city is extremely rich in historical sites, most of which have been rebuilt and renovated. It might happen that they are utilized in a different way than they used to be, yet they belong to the culture of Füred. There are a great number of famous mansions and cottages whose owners have contributed to shaping the image of Balatonfüred with their presence and made the city famous around the world.

The city provides the guests seeking relaxation and entertainment with varied cultural programs from April to November.